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HR Policies

We focus on reducing the cost and efforts in managing the Human Resource Department. We believe that expert services should be performed by experts without any liability of resources and assets.
Our complete HR outsourcing servicers are one stop for all HR needs including Recruitment, Attendance and Leave Management, Compliance and HR Audit, Company Policy, HRIS & Database Management , Employee Joining Documentation , Full and Final Settlement , Company Structure Management, Retention Schemes , Asset Allocation, Employee Engagement, Induction & Orientation, Grievance handling, Performance management.

Payroll outsourcing services

We advise and draft the Company's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics policy to deter wrongdoing and to promote honest and ethical business and its resources conduct

We help to draft a layout of Business and corporates preferred hiring practices and promotes consistency within the employee recruiting process.

We help to draft processes by which an employee is integrated into the organisation and ensures they have the knowledge and skills to perform their role safely and have an understanding of the values and principles of the organisation.

Our expertise will help to draft a policy which ensures smooth management of leave, shift, overtime, reporting tool and employee self-help platforms.

We help in establishing a robust and  transparent compensation policy and define the general rules for the extraordinary payments, bonus schemes applied in the corporates. 

We handle the crucial  factor of retention with our competabile and lawful leave policy. We understand and believe that apt leave management system increases employee satisfaction, provides transparency, and reduces unscheduled tasks.

We focus on building the strong foundation of The purpose of the meeting is to review the previous year's achievements and to set objectives for the following year.

Our experienced professional team believes in a persuasive welfare policy as a crucial factor of employee friendly culture. We help in drafting Employee Welfare policy to ensure the benefits, facilities given to the employees to work in a better environment.

We help in having a clear promotion policy to prevent discrimination, retaintion of good employees, ensuring that only qualified employees are promoted and increases employee satisfaction.

We implement the effective analysis to understand what the organisation needs to achieve over a specified period of time and how (ie objectives) the aims will be achieved through training and development programs.

We construct simpler ways to manage the business travel expenses incurred by the employees. The effective policy defines company's rules and procedures that outline how their employees should approve, book and expense travel for business purposes and the process of Reimbursing the claims.

We help the business and corporates to have effective Health and safety policy in place as per the law.

We help you to define the eggshell of your business. IT policy helps to define rules, regulations and guidelines for proper usage and maintenance of the technological assets to ensure their ethical use and assure safety and security of data, products, facilities as well as the people using them.

As a mandate from Workplace Act of India PoSH prevents incidents at the workplace which can be strenuous to the employees as well as to the entire organisation. With our legal experts we help you to define those areas.

We help to draft a clear whistleblowing policy that encourages a culture where wrongdoing can be addressed quickly and potentially before any regulatory action or damage to reputation.       

In the path of growth we always advise Business and corporates to define a clear Exit  policy which is  beneficial to all in interest to avoid any misunderstandings during separation.

Need Help in HR Advisory And Management

  • Employee Documentation
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Appraisal and Performance Management Systems
  • Talent Acquisition Services

Employee Documentation

Strong process and documentation is important when a new resource is added to the organisation. We focus on furnishing offer letters, appointment letter, confirmation letter, appraisal letter etc as an eternal part of the tenure. We do take care of warning letters, notices and intimations when it comes to maintaining the decorum of the system.

Organization Restructuring

Coaching & Mentoring

Mentoring/Coaching helps to build a positive and concrete change in individuals and to boost the transfer of knowledge from the coach/mentor to the individual. In case of organisations and companies, coaching and mentoring become profoundly beneficial for the career growth of their employees

Appraisal and Performance Management Systems

Our expertise team furnish the consistent, reliable, and valid data to help the management make strategic decisions. We construct a strong PMS through which the organization aligns their mission, goals and objectives with available resources.

Business Operations

Talent Acquisition Services

Fulfilling the manpower which not only matches up the set criteria but plays a dominant role in the growth of the organisation is what we focus and deliver. We believe in maintaining a relationship rather a monitory bond.